Host an live embroidery pop-up

Host an live embroidery pop-up

Elevate your retail experience by offering customers complimentary personalization on select items. Whether you're launching a new product, aiming to meet sales goals, or hosting an influencer event, our services add a unique touch to elevate your brand presence and will cater directly to your customer base.

For retail stores, event activation is a quick but efficient marketing strategy that uses events, campaigns, and activities to create brand awareness, build connections with audiences, and boost customer loyalty. In addition to hitting high sales days, your activations aim to create shareable moments, inspire creativity, and immerse your audience in your brand and products.

Retail activation takes the concept of event activation a step further by creating interactive experiences within retail environments.

Learn more about Rumi Lane live embroidery packages.

Our embroidery activation comes in full day or half-day packages as we seamlessly integrate into your shops branding through a curated embroidery menu (Formats, Colors, Designs) and personalization inspiration board. Setting up our equipment is labor-intensive, so we offer a reduced rate for events booked on consecutive days as a reflection of the reduced workload.

Join our roster of retail partners who not only surpass daily sales targets but also experience a notable increase in social media engagement, making the investment in our services exceptionally rewarding.

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