Toddler Gifts

Toddler Gifts

For Toddlers

Whether you or your loved ones have a baby, extraordinary memories are being formed to be cherished forever. What better way to foster these memories than with personalized, unique gifts. 

For those new parents captivated by the magic of small details and the profound impact a personal touch can have on our experiences, gifts, and daily life. With a few stitches, we'll transform a simple gift into a sentimental heirloom. We love to pull from sentimental imagery, handwriting, or even your favorite piece of your toddler's Picasso’s artwork.   

1. Pottery Barn Kids Anywhere Chairs 
One of my go-to gifts for all the kids in my life. Of course, I personalize the chair with the little ones name. Sometimes I get the smallest size, My First Anywhere Chair (ages 1-3) but have also bought the larger one, the Oversized Anywhere Chair (ages 6+) so they can grow into it and have it for longer. 

2. Alexa James Baby Clothing Boutique
This local Austin shop, run by a mom with amazing taste. Inspired by the shops of New York City, AJB sells modern children's apparel and unique baby toys while offering a charming shopping experience.  

3. Personalized Sweatshirts from Rumi Lane

With a few stitches, we'll transform a simple gift into a sentimental heirloom. Gift a little one in your life a personalized sweatshirt for cozy snuggles and adventures on the go. 

baby sweater

Make it one of a kind by adding from a selection of embroidery designs, font colors and placement. Check out our full selection of gifts for babies and toddlers or reach out. We can work together to design and source top-quality products to personalize with names, nicknames, memorable dates, family milestones, phrases and more!

4. My First Beanie 
Heading into the winter, a beanie is an important gift for a baby. Add personalization to make it unique and a lasting memory of that first trip down bunny slope. 

custom baby hats

 5. Let's add one extra.
Aprilwolf Escaping Crawling Crab
Ready to upgrade tummy time and start encouraging crawling?  I can't wait to use this for my little one come 2024. 

crawling crab

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